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Treat your dog to something special. VKC offers spa treatments to both our daycare and boarding clients.

Spa treatments at VKC consist of:

• Trimming hair between foot pads

• Trimming nails

• Checking ears for cleanliness

• Shampooing and conditioning the coat

• A light brush-out while blow drying

• Application of coat conditioner/cologne

Spa treatments are priced according to the size and hair length of the dog, as well as the season and condition of the coat. Extensive brush-out or de-matting is charged at an additional rate. Please inquire about specific pricing for your dog at check-in.

As a special treat to your dog after playing hard all day, or for the older dog with stiff joints or muscles, VKC offers massage treatments from a certified massage therapist. This is sure to make your dog happy and relaxed. Ask for details when making reservations or at check-in.

Kat Ripley Certified large and small animal massage practitioner and owner of Horse & Hound integrative animal massage therapy, has built her practice with a focus on preventative care maintaining body health and wellness. She sees animal massage therapy as part of a holistic approach to your pet’s health care. Massage is a gentle and non-invasive therapy that can relieve pain and stress. Whether you have a companion pet, agility dog, show animal, or service dog, massage is a great way to maintain your dog’s health and well-being, as well as regular veterinary visits.

Kat is a graduate of the Northwest School of Animal Massage and is certified as a small and large animal massage practitioner. Kat employs various therapeutic modalities including; Swedish Massage, Myofascial Release, Acupressure and Sports Massage depending on the need.

Just like people, dogs can experience bumps, bruises, injuries or trauma. Look for the signs. A lack of willingness or resistance to move in a certain direction can signal that your pet has muscular discomfort. Tight or painful muscles in your dogs can also produce unwanted behavior. Massage can help the arthritic, the athletic, the weekend warrior and the hyperactive dog. Massage considers the entire animal, not just the specific area that may be painful. Massage is a proactive therapy that addresses future health issues and also helps with certain problems your pet may already have. Fortunately dogs give us clear feedback when they are being massaged so we can tailor the session to fit their needs.

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