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We believe the best way to ensure your pet's comfort at our facility is a day of orientation before their first daycare experience or overnight stay. This is an opportunity for you to tour VKC and meet our staff. We want you to feel comfortable with us and want your dog to feel at home in our play yards. An orientation day helps your dog feel at ease with us before an extended stay.

A few things to remember when planning your dog's orientation visit:

* VKC must have current vaccination records for your dog before the day of orientation. You can have your veterinarian fax us the records at 707.938.0173.

* Orientation guests should make an appointment to arrive at a specific time before 9 a.m. and leave no earlier than 3 p.m. to allow for a full day's experience.

* Please allow a few extra minutes at drop-off for a tour of our facility Our tour is geared for humans only. If possible, leave your dog in your car while taking the tour.

To help ensure the health of all our guests, we require all daycare and boarding dogs have current:

*DHLPP (canine distemper)

*Bordetella (canine cough)

*Rabies vaccines.

We only accept vaccines administered by a veterinarian. We ask that you or your vet's office fax your dog's vaccine records directly to us at 707.938.0173 prior to your pet's stay.

We recommend all dogs remain on their current diet while boarding. Abrupt changes in diet can cause undue stress to your dog's body. Please bring just enough food for the stay in a paper or plastic bag. Using baggies for each feeding creates unnecessary waste and we simply use a measuring cup when dishing up the food. All you need to do is give us the cup amount for each feeding and we will see that your dog gets their requested amount at feeding time. Any extra food will be donated to a local animal shelter.
VKC provides a crate and bedding for all our guests. However, if you feel your dog needs a scent of home, we request that you bring either a towel or small blanket. Please do not bring an item of personal clothing to put in with your dog. The towel or small blanket from home will be sufficient. We cannot permit stuffing-filled bedding or pieces too large to fit in our standard-sized crates. Clearly mark the item with your pet's name, since all bedding is washed prior to pick-up.
Our staff loves to hand out treats, but we also welcome cookies and chews from home. The safest type of edible chew breaks down into small, easily digestible pieces. We allow only compressed rawhides or bully sticks. Ask your local pet store for these products. Your dog is allowed to bring a favorite toy to keep in his or her crate. We do not accept tennis balls. Please write your pet's name on his or her toys.
We will administer any medication you provide. Please make sure you bring enough medication for the stay and that all instructions are clearly communicated. We also ask that all medications be kept separate from food so that we can make sure that all dogs ingest the oral medications needed.